YaYa  Wall

    YaYa Wall

    Hi there, I’m going to tell you a story about the beautiful YaYa flower wall.

    We bring you the YaYa flower wall from Rose Morning flower and all its splendor. Zack offers an 11% discount code. The wall comprises six flowers, including peony, Rose, dahlia, hydrangea, Eucalyptus, and camellia.


    Peony is gorgeous in bloom. Although they have a short blooming season, which only lasts about a week, they’re breathtaking. It’s the most scrumptious flowers and lush green foliage. Enjoy the Peony flowers from spring to summer. Peonies have large, wonderfully fragrant flowers in colors, including everything from purple and pink to darker shades of red.


    Rose flowers are old as time itself. It’s easy to consider Rose as the timeless gift of love to make special occasions memorable with their presence and lingering fragrance. Roses are regarded as one of the best gifting options for expressing love, admiration, joy, and other innate human emotion. It comes in different colors and various meanings. The Rose is the U.S National Flower with its fragrances are used in perfumes. Some of the most expensive roses are sold for millions of dollars.


    Dahlias are known around the world to be native to Mexico. These sun-loving flowers won’t survive in Chicago’s winter. It needs a minimum of 6 hours per day to stay alive. The more sun gets to them, the better they bloom. Dahlias are considered to be perennials. These tender grow from underground tubers re-sprout from their underground tubers to bloom each year.


    Hydrangea is a combination of dozens of species and varieties. They are native to Asia and the Americas. The flowering plant is hardy in harsh USDA zones as long as it is planted in well-draining soil with enough organic matter. By far, the greatest species of Hydrangea diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China, Korea, and Japan.


    Eucalyptus is native to Australia as one of the fast-growing evergreen trees. Even as a flowering plant, its leaves and oil are consumed and applied to the skin for many conditions. It reduces the symptoms of colds, coughs, and congestion. Eucalyptus features in ointments and creams aimed at relieving muscle and joint pain.

    Even though there is no good scientific evidence to support this claim, people use it for many conditions, including bronchitis, asthma, flu, and many others.



    Camellia has numerous species. Some of the most common are landscape scrubs, including Camellia japonica, Camellia sasanqua, Camellia Vernalis, and Camellia hiemalis. The flower is known as the queen of winter flowers. They are evergreen, attractive, and highly prized for their splendid foliage and exquisite bloom. Camellia spreads its beauty even when the rest of the garden offers little.

    Here’s a beautiful story about the YaYa flower Wall.

    The beach has always been the favorite spot for my wife and I. Somewhere, we love to take a break, relax and calm ourselves. A few years ago, during one of our trips, we met a group of people who were interested in listening to our love story. We told them about how we met and how my weirdly sounding Latin brought us together.

    Then we met Emma, who was also excited to tell us about her story and how she never believed in love at first sight. She told us about how movies and stories had painted love stories to seem fictional until she met James on the Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia beach. To her, love was something for the weak and idle folks – I never heard that before!

    She told us how her experience with her tall, charming gentleman changed her thoughts and made her believe in love. She felt that sudden leap for the first time and needed to ensure it stayed. Her fear of never feeling the same way again drew her to approach him. Fortunately, he was receptive, and his personality showed enough impression.

    According to Emma, that was just the beginning of her love story. She told us of the multiple times she’s tried to find several funny reasons to fight off the thoughts of him only to crave him more. She got used to getting sudden gifts and flowers from him with notes. Somehow she knew he had already become everything to her.

    While she spoke, although I was listening to the details, I couldn’t help but think. There are times we fear the thought of having someone’s current state control our emotions. We want to keep hold of that freedom to be anything to anyone without facing the consequences. Like Emma, we seem to ignore the amazing people life sends our way. Maybe we feel we don’t deserve them, or what we really fear is rejection. Regardless, all we need to do is take that leap of faith that can change our lives forever.

    Dear readers, it will please you to know that our great friends Emma and James are married today. I remember their wedding had the littlest decorations I’ve ever seen – Until a young man spotted a collection of beautiful flowers at a corner of the event premises. The flowers were set up on a wall like a beautiful backdrop behind the lights. I watched his curiosity and how he took pictures of the piece.

    Soon it started to get crowded. Everyone couldn't ignore the Yaya flower wall. The old, young, married and singles were taking pictures. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. Then I heard, “it’s the Rose Morning YaYa flower wall.” I looked to the side and saw a man who told us about Zack’s 11% discount code and how you can purchase the Rose Moring YaYa flower wall for your weddings too.

    That moment was enlightening. Let me share some of the benefits of the YaYa flower Wall.

    • The YaYa flower wall beautifies the environment – Regardless of the decoration, it adds color and fragrance and changes the sight of the environment.
    • The YaYa flower wall creates good memories - the beauty cannot be easily forgotten. Everyone would always reference the photo booth with the magnificent Yaya Flower Walls at the weddings they attend.
    • I watched the positive energy from people exchanging pleasantries. Connections were created as new people started to meet each other while taking photo shoots in front of the YaYa flower wall.

    The YaYa flower wall is not just any regular photo booth. It can undoubtedly create friendships and bonds that could lead to another wedding. Get the YaYa flower wall with Zack's 11% discount code if you want the best backdrop for exceptional pictures. It adds essence to the occasion, including weddings, subsequent anniversaries, and other celebrations. With the Yaya flower Walls, you can tell how refreshing the event will be.

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           Hi, I'm Zack. We meet again.  The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, and I wish Rose Morning's fans and customers a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

           The flower wall I bring to you this time is KiKi. As a purple series of flower wall launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, it has been highly praised by customers and inspired our designers with new ideas. So, let's take a look at the flowers that KiKi uses. They are Dew lotus, purple magnolia, lavender, rice spike, and Winish rose. 

    Ranunculus asiaticus L.

           Rich, double or semidouble, smaller, 8 ~10cm in diameter; Leaves like celery leaves, often called celery flowers. Native to southeast Europe and southwest Asia. Introduced by the English in 1596 for artificial cultivation, it is common in gardens and cut flowers. Many countries have cultivation, the Netherlands, Britain, France, the United States, Japan and other cultivation more, and cultivate a lot of cut flowers and potted varieties. Its plant shape is low, the color is bright, the flower stem is upright, the flower shape is beautiful and unique; The flowers are large and beautiful; Petals compact, multiple petals overlapping; Rich in color, bright and clean gorgeous. Its flower appreciation period of 30 days ~40 days, unique style, unique interest, is the spring potted appreciation, layout of open flower bed and flower border, ornament lawn and for fresh cut flower production of ideal flowers, is a shade environment under the excellent beautification material, so suitable for planting in the bush or the north side of the building, welcomed by consumers. Buttercup is a new flower with remarkable economic benefit. The word for it is "welcome." Saint Anthony, the 13th century friar of Francesco, became famous for drawing crowds to his Christian teachings and evangelism. The word for buttercup is "welcome". Blessed birthday girl, easy-going, talkative, admired, loved and supported by everyone around her. However, it is because of a wide range of good relationships, so it is often difficult to make deep friendships with people, even to the opposite sex, so remember that friends are good, but to have in-depth knowledge is more important.

    Lavendula angustifolia

           In ancient Greek times, lavender was called Nardus, a name derived from the Syrian city of Naarda. Lavender flowers could sell for 100 denarii a pound, about the monthly salary of a farm worker, or what a hairdresser would make for 50 people. The Romans used lavender and herbs in their baths, and they brought the practice to Britain. Lavender is grown and sold all over the world. Lavender was known as "espic" through the 18th century, and in Provence as "epi". The word Lavender derives from the Latin word Lavare, meaning to wash away. Lavender has long been used in ancient folklore as a wonderful remedy for skin diseases. The flower word of lavender is love. In The European tradition, lavender seems to be naturally related to love. A large number of love legends or folk customs all involve lavender. The flower language of lavender is "waiting for love". Just like the TV series Lavender, lavender means an implicit declaration of love and a firm promise to carry a child through hardships. Lavender is a kind of fragrant purple and blue flowers. It is as romantic as its location. Born in Provence, France, this flower has a beautiful love story. Provence in France, is one of the hometown of lavender, spread such a love story about lavender...... There was a girl in the village of Provence, who was alone in the cold mountains picking the budding flowers. However, she met a traveler who came from afar but was injured. As soon as she saw the young man, her heart was captured by his charming smile. So the girl invited him to her home and insisted on taking care of him until he recovered, regardless of the opposition of her family. A few days later, the young traveler's injury has also recovered, but their love has spread rapidly, and has reached the point of inseparable. Some day before long, youth traveler bid farewell to the girl to leave, and is in love with the girl insisted on leaving with the youth, although their relatives tried to retain, but she still insisted on blooming with the youth to the hometown of roses. Just before she left, the old lady in the village gave her a bunch of lavender and asked her to test the young traveler's heart with it. (Because: it is said that the fragrance of lavender can make unclean things visible) when the traveler took her hand to prepare for a long journey, the girl threw the lavender hidden in her coat on the young man's body, unexpectedly, the young man's body issued a burst of purple smoke, as the wind disappeared into thin air. And the girl in the valley as if faint hear the laughter of the bright young man, so, leaving the girl a human form solitary shadow. Before long, the girl has also disappeared, some people think that she and young people disappear into light smoke in the valley, also some people say that she followed the lavender flowers to find the youth...... At any rate, the legend of lavender has lived on. So lavender is still considered by people to be one of the important tools that drive away unclean things and incense.

    Magnolia liliflora Desr.

           Purple magnolia is a unique plant in China, distributed in Yunnan, Fujian, Hubei, Sichuan and other places of China, growing at altitudes of 300 to 1,600 meters, generally growing on the edge of hillside forests. Purple magnolia flowers gorgeous and pleasant, elegant fragrance, solitary or cluster plants are very beautiful, graceful tree shape, luxuriant branches, is an excellent garden, street greening plants, as China has more than 2,000 years of history of traditional flowers and traditional Chinese medicine. The bark, leaves and buds of purple magnolia can be used as medicine; The flower buds are dried in the sun, and it is called xinyi, fragrant and spicy, containing citral, eugenol and eucalyptus essential volatile oil, which is used as analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent for rhinitis and headache. It is a traditional Chinese medicine for more than two thousand years in China, and is also used as the grafting rootstock of magnoliaceae plants such as Yulan magnolia. Purple magnolia flowers are not only large and beautiful, graceful flowers, fragrance, high ornamental value, less pests and diseases, but also its flower bud name xinyi, has always been the main medicine to treat nasal diseases, in the bud before the flower picking, placed in a well-ventilated place dry reserve. Li Shizhen in "Compendium of Materia Medica" on the treatment of nasal diseases for the curative effect of a positive discussion. Modern studies have proved that the volatile oil contained in the nostril has a contractile effect on nasal mucosa and blood vessels, and can promote the absorption of secretions, so as to improve the function of nostril ventilation. Violet magnolia is a famous ornamental flowers and trees in early spring. When flowering in early spring, the trees are full of purplish red flowers, secluded and graceful, with special amorous feelings. It is suitable for planting in the hall and front yard of classical gardens, and can also be planted alone or scattered in the small courtyard.

           In fact, there are many cauliflower, but because they are silk flowers, there will be a very fine classification, and real flowers will have some differences.

           Simulation flower, it is to point to use stretch silk, wrinkle paper, dacron, plastic, crystal and other materials made of fake flowers, as well as dry flowers baked with flowers, the industry is generally known as artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, as the name implies, are modeled on flowers with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other materials. Today, the craft of flower emulation is becoming more and more refined, and can be almost real. Besides the imitation that has all sorts of flowers is tasted, still appeared on the market simulation leaf, simulation branch, simulation weed, simulation tree, simulation plant to wait for variety. Artificial flowers can not only be maintained for a long time, but also have the characteristics of strong plasticity, which gives floral designers greater creative freedom. Bending, folding, string, cutting and other kinds of floral production together, for the emergence of lifelike floral works to provide a broad stage. The vivid artificial flowers, together with their diversity and richness, bring us passion, surprise, shock and eternal beauty.

    Silk flower, also known as Beijing flower, is one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts with a long history and strong decorative color. Imitation of flowers made of silk of various colors. The art of making flowers out of silk fabrics began in China more than 1,700 years ago. In the Tang Dynasty, silk flowers became the main decoration for women. The painting of Ladies with Hairpin Flowers by Zhou Fang vividly reproduced the scene of women wearing colors with hairpin flowers in the palace. Since then, silk flower production was introduced to Japan. Shenmuchang Street outside Chongwenmen in the Ming Dynasty is the birthplace of Silk flowers in Beijing. What kind of flowers, there is what kind of silk flowers, artists made blossoming silk flowers, purples of purple, a variety of looks, as if people can smell the fragrance of flowers.

    This is the lavender tea that I will never forget in my life. I will remember, savor and inherit it all my life.

    "There was a boy from a poor family, but he was very optimistic. He believed that he could change his life with his own strength. His father was a tailor, so he was very good at cloth and sewing from an early age. However, the village he lived in was so poor that most of the villagers could not afford clothes. Their clothes were three years old and patched for three years. Few people went to boys to make new clothes. He felt that his craft would be recognized by the nobility in a larger place, so, at the age of sixteen, he left his village and went to the capital alone.

    But he had never traveled far, and the map in his hand was left by a wandering poet long ago. Many roads had changed, but he had little food and money left.

    He had been hungry for three days, and all he had left was a set of needle and thread and the best cloth his father had left him. On the sixth day, he fainted, lying on the side of a purple road. When he woke up, she was lying in a bed with an old woman sitting next to her. He learned that the old granny lived alone and her children had moved to the capital to make a living, so she usually planted some lavender and let the passing merchants bring it to the capital to sell. It's so close to the capital, if you walk, you can get there in two days.

    "Can you give me some food, anything?" asked the boy. "I can't give it to you now, but WHEN I earn a lot, I will repay you. The old woman smiled and brought him food, and he devoured it. The old woman looked at him and said, Son, I don't need you to repay me. I only hope that in the future you will help others who have the same difficulties as you.

    This meal, the boy's deepest impact is that a cup of steaming lavender tea, when he is most helpless, no confusion, warm his heart, lit up his way.

    Years later, he had his own tailor's shop in the Metropolis, and nobles came to him to make clothes, and he was already well known. He was also knighted by the king and allowed to choose his own lands. It was not far from the city, and when he came to it, he found it so familiar that his entourage told him that the people there were having a hard time because of the drought. He came to a house, and he saw the dry lavender fields in front of the house, and he understood, and he remembered. He walked into the house and asked if he thought grandma. The host said that his mother had passed away two years ago, and he also said that he could pay the tax later this year. His family had no money, and his daughter would be taken away by the creditor to be a servant. The boy stood there feeling difficult to calm down for a long time.

    Then he took out a bag of gold and gave it to the man. The man shook and said it would take him a lifetime to change all the gold.

    As the boy went out, he turned back and said, This bag of gold was paid for years ago with a cup of lavender tea. "

    It is said that the people you meet in this world should be grateful, whether good or bad, he will teach you something. It is because of their presence that you grow and change. Those who accompany silently, have been guarding you, the most should be grateful. In our life, to meet a true to you, in fact, is a kind of lucky. After all, in this realistic society, there are still people willing to pay their heart to you, this is your blessing. So, learn to appreciate the people around you, so that you become a better version of yourself. Thanksgiving parents, always give you the best love in the world, the most selfless love, probably is the love of parents. The only people you can really count on are your parents, who are the only ones who don't expect anything in return. I believe that most parents love their children the most. When you need encouragement and help, they have been so quietly pay people, they sacrificed their life to nurture us, achievement us, this is worth to be grateful. It is said that parents accompany us to grow up, we accompany them to old, this is probably the most beautiful picture. Parents are not easy in fact, sometimes may not understand, but they give us the best love with their actions and efforts, this point is indisputable. Thanksgiving lover, has been with you through thick and thin parents are worthy of our gratitude, and love is the most worthy of our love, to accompany. There is probably only one other person in this world who will firmly choose you, for better or for worse, and will always be there for you in spite of your glory or your downfall. Some lovers, she sacrifice themselves, the achievement of a family, is their selfless love to give you better happiness. At any time, we should know how to love their other half, they work hard, accompany you to bear hardships, never abandon, this is her most sincere place. In this society, in addition to parents and lovers, other people who can really accompany you and understand you are probably only friends and confidants. It is rare in life to meet a group of like-minded people who can understand each other, help each other and accompany each other all the way. It is because of their support, to come all the way, when lonely and helpless, when down and out, their helping hand, worth remembering for a lifetime. People in this life, we have to learn to be grateful, grateful to all the people who are good to you, cherish their friendship, when they have the ability to help them as much as possible. Know that it is their sincerity and unconditional kindness that makes you feel warm and loved, and that kindness is something you will never forget.

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    Luke Wall

    Luke Wall


    Dear readers, I'm Zack from Rose Morning. Nice to see you again. Today I'm going to tell you a story about Luke Wall, and without further ado, let's go into this beautiful story.

    Luke flower wall is a green flower wall launched by Rose Morning in the fourth quarter of 2021. It uses a dozen plants and gives a quiet and peaceful warmth. Next, let's take a look at the flowers Luke uses.

    Nandina, because of its beautiful plants, bright fruits and strong adaptability to the environment, it often appears in garden applications. Stem tufted, succulent leaves, autumn and winter leaves become red, there are red fruit, prolonged does not fall, is a good taste of leaf view fruit. The flower word of Nantian bamboo is longevity, which means good health and longevity. Because the survival rate of Nantian bamboo is high, its life capacity is very strong, and its life expectancy is very long, it has the meaning of longevity. You can send nantian bamboo to the elderly, elders, you can wish them good health, a lifetime of peace, will certainly get their love. There are old people in the home, you can also plant a few southern bamboos in the home, can have a better appreciation, meaning is also very good, both very auspicious, auspicious, and can pray for the elderly in good health, representing the care of the elderly.

    Adiantum, Its adaptability is strong, cultivation is one of the popular green plants, beautiful stems and leaves, small plant type, very suitable for small pot planting used to decorate home windowsill and other places. Maidrine fern plant type small, unique shape, suitable for small pot, dotted with stone bonsai, placed on the desk, windowsill, low cabinet, elegant and free; Or placed in the hallway, corridor, steps, can also be suspended layout; Can also cut cut bottles, with flowers foil, become cut or dried flowers of the ideal material. In Jiangnan garden, used to decorate rockery gap and shady corner. Maidenhair fern flower language is elegant, girl's delicate, life, maidenhair fern shape is very beautiful, it is like a girl's delicate and weak, maidenhair fern can be given to his girlfriend, used to express her simple and lovely, maidenhair fern leaf color is green, and green can represent life, also can give maidenhair fern to cherish life.

    Strelia is evergreen, unique plant, with a clear, elegant sense. The flowering period of strelitzia can reach about 100 days, and each flower can bloom for 13-15 days. One flower fades, and the other blooms one after another. Cutting the vase can be inserted for 15-20 days. The flowers are arranged in a natural way. The 2 strelia plants are matched with each other and set off by other flowers and leaves. In southern China, such as Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao, strelia can be planted in the corner of the courtyard, used for garden landscaping and flower beds, flower border ornament. Crane wang orchid flower language for freedom, happiness. It's bland when it's not blooming, but what it looks like when it blooms is amazing. Flowering posture is like the crane to fly to the distance, fly to his lover, meaning and love. The meaning of its flower language also means missing. Suitable for their lover, friends, can express the meaning of missing each other, to the lover to express that I want to give all the happiness to you.

    Glabella bamboo, is araceae glabella bamboo plant, climbing shrubs. Stem green, stout, pale half-moon leaves trace, circumferential ring, more than smooth. Turtleback bamboo leaves peculiar shape, hole crack shape, very like turtleback. Stem section is stout and like luo Han bamboo, dark brown gas rooting, horizontal and horizontal cross, shape such as wire. Its leaves are green all the year round, its stems are stout, and there are large crescent-shaped leaves on the nodes. It has cord-shaped fleshy aerial roots, and it is very shade tolerant. It is a large indoor potted leaf viewing plant. The first one is health and longevity. The leaves of the bamboo are very strange, and there are many cracks on the surface of the leaves, just like the back shell of the turtle. The turtle has a very long life, so it gives the meaning of health and longevity of the bamboo. The second word is vitality. The turpentine bamboo leaves are green and very fresh. The third word is good luck and auspiciousness, which can bring good luck to people.

    Flower candle, is a monocotyledonous class araceae flower candle perennial evergreen herbaceous plants. Internodes short; Leaves arising from base, green, leathery, entire, oblong-cordate or ovate-cordate. Petiole slender, flascid, leathery and waxy, orange-red or scarlet; Spikelets yellow, perennial flowers. Flower candle has Buddha flame inflorescence, leaf - shaped bracts. The common colors of the bracts of the flower candle are white, pink, and sometimes red. The flower candle is a kind of plant that can observe the flowers and leaves. It is generally propagated by sowing and dividing, but it is difficult to cultivate the flower candle at present. The origin of the flower candle is in the tropical rain forest of South America. It is a kind of plant that likes warm and cold, wet and drought, and likes shade and avoids sun. The branches of the flower candle pull out from the delicate leaves, and the top has a bud, like a flaming crane. The flower of the candle is very thin, and the vein on the flower is clear, like visible red blood flow. Flowers and candles are gorgeous and grand in appearance. They are usually used in festive events such as the opening of new stores. They are usually used as flower baskets to add a joyous atmosphere.

    The evening wind gently steps on the green leaves Sunset is selling happiness The galaxy is giving hope I fell with it 

    "How long have we been married, do you remember?" Asked the old woman, turning to look at the old man beside her. The old man smiled and pointed to the bushes in front of the park bench." Flowers, green flowers." But unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, yes, dementia, three years ago. He can no longer understand anything around him and can only carry on the simplest conversations with the intelligence of a three-year-old child." Well, it's time for us to go home, too." The setting sun shone on the old couple as they helped them along the lake of morning Park, like the warm glow of the Milky Way.

    The old man's condition is not encouraging. His doctor told her that he was now suffering from memory problems, aphasia, apraxia, agnosia, impaired visuospatial skills, executive dysfunction, and personality and behavior changes, and that he would eventually lose all memory, which meant that in his world, he would eventually fall into an endless abyss. Their daughter was married to a distant city and could only visit her at Christmas every year. So, the old woman takes care of the old man every day, but she also needs to be taken care of. They go out every day and have happy memories in the city where they have lived for 80 years. She hoped she could at least see a few things that would put a little light on his world as his dementia progressed. But something happened today.

    The old woman got separated from the old man in the supermarket, and the old man walked out of the supermarket through the supermarket's surveillance screen. The old woman looked for the old man again and again in the city like crazy. She blamed herself again and again, with tears on her face, she looked for the old man in the huge city. Late in the evening, police found the shivering old man by the lake in the park, wearing only scanty clothes, sitting on a bench looking out at the lake. The old woman grabbed the old man's purse and scolded him for walking away alone. From then on, every day the old woman would take the old man to the lake in the park and sit there until evening, but the old man said nothing and smiled as he looked at the shimmering lake.

    To this year's Christmas, the old woman in the kitchen busy cooking, while the old man quietly lying in bed. Yes, the old man has been unable to get out of bed and walk since a month ago because of the decline of organ function. Their daughter and her family would be back with them this evening, but it did not matter to the old man, for he had forgotten all that he knew. At the dinner table, the grandson excitedly told anecdotes about his first year in college and listened to his daughter's complaints about her job. The old woman smiled at the happy family and looked back from time to time at the old man sitting stony-faced in his wheelchair.

    The next afternoon the old woman and the old man sat in front of the fireplace looking at this year's Christmas cards from old friends whom the old man did not understand or remember but whom the old woman read to him one by one. "Lake," the old man began. My God, this is the first time the old man has spoken in months. "Lake," the old man repeated. With tears in her eyes, the old woman dressed the old man and pushed him to the lake. The sunset sprinkled on the old man, the lake sparkling, the old man showed a long-lost smile. This is where they met, by the lake; When they had a daughter, they often went to the lake to play. Grandson used to pester grandpa to play baseball on the lake. Yes, yes, the lake is the epitome of the old woman's life. The lake bears witness to her life and her love. The old woman held the old man's hand tightly, while her daughter and grandson held the old man's shoulders and wept. The old man slowly closed his eyes....

    Even if forget the whole world, even if life lost all the colors, how can I forget you, my love. The sunset is their paint, the lake is their canvas, and the green bush is their brush, painted their life.

    What is marriage, marriage is without blood relationship of people, the two together, a lot of people most unfortunate marriage because of a lack of communication, don't know how to get along with, no echo, no topic, indifference, why from once a loving husband and wife, become familiar strangers, but both sides have a question, marriage is the benign development of tolerance, understanding, Recognition, care, consideration, such as multiple parts many times marriages tend to be old woman daughter-in-law relation, economic pressure, life lock, parent-child relationship between education and so on to beat, marriage has never been a personal feelings, maybe you think you are very good to him, but the other don't think so, he may think he is very good for you, but you also don't think so, because the woman is the perceptual thinking, Men are rational thinking, the two modes of thinking are different, so there will be a lot of contradictions, feelings are never you think, men need to be encouraged, recognized and cared for, women need to be understood, tolerated and coaxed, men are tired to work, women are more tired to take care of children, and many women are more tired to work and take care of children. So I always thought that the child's education and with both husband and wife should be involved, including the housework is also should be involved in both, in today's society everyone has pressure, pressure need to tell, when a man is to tell a woman can encourage he recognized him and give him advice, woman complained, men don't have to do anything, don't give advice only need to quietly listen to you, Encourage her and give her a hug, she will be happy, most women want is very simple, do not need too much money, too much material, only need to recognize their own men, understand themselves, they are very happy, even if a hug and a kiss, a wife hard, they can be moved, the home is not reasonable place, make a feeling of love is home, home, Appropriate romance also wants some, romance also is the modulation of affection aid is tasted, love is to have shelf life, fresh feeling passes very quickly, respect and company just is fresh-keeping agent.

    Commitment is a contract, and the older generation relies more on contracts to constrain the stability of a relationship. This contract is secured by law, by virtue, by the force of faith. For people in the past, it was important for two people to be together, so that they could improve their quality of life and reproduce. There may be a larger purpose, like family interests, tribal peace, it's a marriage. Compared with these interests, love is not important. There used to be weddings where people saw their spouses for the first time. You may not like it, but you can last a lifetime. These committed relationships serve purposes other than love.

    What is husband and wife? Love for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, patience for a lifetime, this is husband and wife. What is home? Home is jointly run by husband and wife, weaving dreams and bitter sweet nest. Home is not a simple concept, sociologists say that home is the smallest cell of society; Marriage experts say that home is a world of two people dependent on wind and rain. What is home, many people think, is a question not worth pondering. A home is not a house. It is not a color TV set. It is not a refrigerator. Material abundance can certainly give us a sense of pleasure, but that is fleeting. Just imagine, in that space, if there is violence and cold war, people are not like each other, and their "home" will not be their home. And become a battleground. The automobile is nothing more than a tragic decoration in this modern battlefield. A family needs loving relatives. Need that special feeling of true feelings, two people who care each other is home, home here rose to a belief, a religion, a support spiritual strength. Home is the aggregate of love, and, behold, the home of all the world, comes together for love, and ends without love. Home is an emotional harbor, home is the cradle of growth, home is a habitat of the soul, home is the most can let oneself indulge the place, home is a spiritual paradise. Home is all you and your family have together emotionally. Have it, it is ordinary as firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea; When you lose it, you can't get it back. Without family harmony, there will be no social harmony. Without family peace, there will be no peace and order of the whole society.

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