Based on our thanks to our customers who have been supporting Rose Morning, we will introduce member bonus points.

    1. Register as a member to get 1500 points and a $50 voucher
    2. The voucher cannot be used with the discount code at the same time
    3. Points rules: 1 point for every dollar spent
    4. Redemption of points for vouchers:
    (if the redemption is successful, the corresponding points will be deducted from the member's account, and the points will be used throughout the year)
    2500 points, exchange: 100 USD voucher
    6500 points, exchange: 200 USD voucher
    15000 points, exchange: 500 USD voucher
    20,000 points, redeem: 1,000 USD voucher (can be used when spending 3,000 and above)
    40,000 points, redeem: 3,000 USD voucher (can be used when spending 7,000 and above)
    50,000 points, redeem: 5,000 USD voucher (can be used when spending 10,000 and above)
    5. The accumulation time of points is a natural year, and the points are cleared on March 31 of the following year every year.

    Happy shopping!