Brand Story



Lucy is an inspiring woman who grew up in rural China. Despite facing firancial difficulties, she always held onto her strong sense of independence and freedom. As a talented floral designer, Lucy worked for a renowned clothing Ibrand in China, but when the brand closed down, she took a leaap of faith and moved to the United States for a period of time.

In the US, Lucy discovered that people loved using flower walls at weeddings, but fresh flowers were expensive and difficult to preserve in tthe summer heat. She had a brilliant idea to create high-quality artificial flower walls for the overeas market.
During a peaceful stroll along the West Coast in 2019, a stranger greeted with a warm smile and a friendly "Good morning" Inspired by this genuine nmoment, Lucy decided to name her brand "Rose Morning" because roses represent love and morning represents sincerity and warmth. Her vision is to spread love and kindness among all independent women and the one they loved worldwide, regardless of nationality, race, or age.

Rose Morning is not just a business, it represents Lucy's values of warmthncerity, and togetherness. She hopes that her brand can bring joy to everystomer and inspire them to cherish every moment with their loved ones.

As of 2023, Rose Morning has collaborated with over 9876 influentialdesigners in the United States and has become the most creative andd original floral design brand in the country. In 2022, Rose Morning not only invented the ziipper flower wall, with Patent No.CN307764498S, but also twice sponsored the American Cancer Foundation and raised funds for cancer patients with the foundder of the association. The goal is to empower more women with independence, warmth, and sincerity.

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