Hello, my name is Zack from Rose Morning, and today I will continue to tell you the story of Rose Moring's flower wall.

    Today we bring you Pelin flower wall, as an original design flower wall to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, has been launched and loved by fans and customers. So, let's get to know Pelin's flowers. Dahlia, Ping-Pong chrysanthemum, peony rose, peonies, Persian rose, bud, clematis, poppies, Persian chrysanthemum.

    Cosmos bipinnatus Cav.

    Cosmos, alias: big cosmos, autumn English. Herbs annual or perennial, 1-2 m tall. Roots fusiform, multifibrous, or adventitious near stem base. Stems glabrous or slightly pilose. Leaves secondary pinnate, lobes linear or filiform linear. Inflorescences solitary, 3-6 cm in diameter. Involucre outer layer lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, subleathery, pale green, with dark purple stripes. Ligulate flowers purplish red, pink or white, tongue elliptic obovate, 2-3 cm long, 3-5 obtuse; Tubular flowers yellow, 6-8 mm long, tube short, upper cylindrical, with lanceolate lobes. Achenes black purple, glabrous, upper end with a long beak, with 2-3 spikes. Flowering from June to August, fruiting from September to October. Cosmos is a famous ornamental plant, native to Mexico. In a glass salad dish, place colorful cosmos flowers and some grapes. Tie white and pink ribbons around the plate. The scientific name of Cosmos means beauty and harmony. It used to be a short-day plant with autumn flowers, but there are also many varieties of early flowers, and their colors are red, yellow, pink, white and complex colors. Since ancient times, There has been a custom in Christianity to associate saints with certain flowers. This is due to the fact that the church used to decorate the altar with blooming flowers when commemorating saints. Catholic monasteries in the middle Ages grew garden centers of flowers. Over time, the Church combined the 366 days of saints with different flowers to create a so-called flower calendar. Most of the monasteries were located in southern Europe, which had a Mediterranean climate and was ideal for growing flowers. The great cosmos, which belongs to the composite family, was chosen as a tribute to St. Hillesland, the 8th-century abbot of Oxford's Nunnery. He is well known for his contributions to the city and university of Oxford. The patron saint of learning. So, its message is -- academic, or so it is -- always happy. Here's a story about the Persian chrysanthemum. Princess Of the Cosmos, the youngest daughter of the Cosmos king, the witch fortune-teller said that she was a loner forever. This is the most powerful curse in the cosmos kingdom, no one can break this curse. So, Princess Cosmos lived alone in the Princess castle. Princess Cosmos spent a long time in the castle alone. She was always alone when the sun rose and the moon set every day. Loneliness always eroded her heart all the time. Especially the night, because the night is always very long and difficult to pass. She used to sit on the swing in the garden at night and cry alone. Finally, after a long time, a knight from far away passed by the princess's castle, see princess Cosmos alone, this is a gorgeous encounter. The knight and Princess Cosmos fell in love at first sight and the two fell in love. The ferries wheel of happiness came, the curse of princess Cosmos was unlocked.

    Papaver rhoeas L.

           Poppies originated in Europe, common cultivation throughout China, for ornamental plants. Flower and whole plant as medicine, containing a variety of alkaloids, cough, diarrhea, analgesia, sedation and other effects. The flowers of the poppies are rich and colorful, with thin petals as thin as satin, bright and clean as silk, and light corolla like red clouds of colorful silk. Although there is no wind, it also seems to be swaying, but when the wind moves, it is flying, which is very beautiful and has a long flowering period. It is suitable for planting in flower beds and borders, as well as potted or cut flowers. Planted in patches in the park, the scenery is very pleasant. Because there are many buds on one plant, it can be kept for a long time. When used as cut flowers must be cut in the ellipse, immediately immersed in warm water, to prevent the outflow of milk too much, otherwise the flowers will soon shrink, flowers can not fully open. Let me tell you an old Chinese story about the poppy. According to legend, at the end of the Qin Dynasty, xiang Yu, the overlord of western Chu, was defeated and surrounded by han troops in Gaixia. Xiang Yu knew he could not break through the siege, so he had a night drink with his pet concubine Yu Ji. Suddenly heard Chu song four, can not help but generous elegy: force pull mountain xi gas gaishi, unfavorable Xi Twitter is not dead. Twitter is not gone Xi can do? Anxiety xi xi nai if what? Feeling that the situation was over, Yu Ji danced with her tearful song He Gaixia Ge. The song said: "The Han army has made a hasty retreat, and the Chu song is sung in all directions. Your majesty is exhausted. After the song, he pulled out his sword from xiang Yu's waist and struck his neck. This is one of the most tragic and tragic love stories in the late Qin Dynasty - "Farewell my Concubine", which has been admired for thousands of years. Later, on the tomb of Yu Ji grew a kind of grass in the shape of a comb, with opposite leaves and long soft leaves. It looked like a beautiful woman dancing in the air. It is said that this kind of grass is cultivated by the faithful Concubine yu ji, so the grass is called "Poppy grass", and its flowers are called "poppy". The bright red color on the flowers of the poppy is said to be the result of blood spilt from the Concubine. It seems that After the death of Yu Ji is still in, she became the beauty of the yu grass, every year in the late spring and early summer this period of time flowering, even if turned into grass tire wood, still persistent, is still a faithful and waiting for the overlord, or as before, all the year round for the overlord show the smile, dress trifling.

    Clematis florida Thunb.

           Clematis, alias clematis peony, Muslin, gold bao Silver, Mountain muton, Muslin, Clematis; For Ranunculaceae, clematis, most deciduous or evergreen grass vines, flowering from early spring to late autumn (there are a few winter flowering varieties), fruit in summer. There are several species, varieties and their varieties and hybrids, which can be cultivated for garden ornamental use. The main vertical greening methods of Clematis include gallery green pavilion, column, wall, shape and fence fence. Corridor green pavilion type, used in the flower rack, scaffolding, corridor, lamp post, fence, arch and other configurations constitute an independent landscape landscaping, which can meet the visitors' appreciation, but also to enjoy the cool, both increased the amount of greening, and improve the environmental conditions. Choose those with vigorous growth, dense foliage and showy flowers. Column type, strong climbing ability, pollution resistance, adaptability and a certain shade tolerance of the ornamental type can be used for all kinds of column greening.

    Rosachinensis minima

           The diamond rose is actually a miniature series of Chinese rose. It is nicknamed "Diamond Rose" or "pocket Rose" because of its short branches and bean-buckle-sized flowers. Diamond rose in all shapes and forms, bright colors, suitable for garden layout flower bed, road with flower border, lawn ornament, also suitable for potted flower modeling, beautification of family residence, ornament hall room, loved by the masses. Miniature Rose plant type is petite, flower beautiful and gorgeous, view takes a long time, can not only be used as ground afforest material to decorate flower mirror, flower bed, flower bed edge, ornament lawn, decorate design and color pattern, but also can be used for flower bed, miniature flower hedge production. Can also be arranged in the indoor windowsill, desk, balcony or in the outdoor with rocks, dead wood and other elegant tree stump bonsai, can even be planted on the dead tree hole miniature Rose, showing the vigorous vitality of spring.

    Dahlia pinnata Cav.

    Dahlias are planted in most countries of the world, and new varieties of selection come out from time to time. According to statistics, dahlias have more than 30,000 varieties, which is one of the most species of flowers in the world. Dahlia is one of the most famous flowers in the world. Another can invigorate blood disperses stasis, has certain medicinal value. Dahlias are known as one of the world's famous flowers mainly because of their long flowering period, large flower diameter and many flowers. In the northern region, the flowering period from May to mid-November, under suitable temperature conditions can be annual flowering, with the most flowering after autumn. Boutique dahlias with the largest diameter of 30~40cm are unique in flowers. The colors are red, purple, white, yellow, orange, ink and multicolor. The flowers are single and double. The single flower has a shorter opening time, and the double flower has a longer opening time. Flower characteristics and petal shape changes are the main basis for variety identification. There are bulb, chrysanthemum, peony, decorative, dish, dish, hydrangea and peony flower groups, which are famous for their magnificent colors and beautiful flowers.

    Why do I like traveling? Let me tell you the answer today I met a girl on my trip 3 years ago. I asked her if she would like to trip with me. Without waiting for her answer,I said, if not. Can I trip with you? The girl is my Bride today.

    “Since graduating from college, I have not chosen to make a salary like most people do. I chose to do what I love, travel. I've visited places I've only read about in books and magazines, places I've always wanted to visit. Three years ago, I went to the smallest country in the world: Vatican City, which is really interesting. Vatican City itself is a cultural treasure, st. Peter's Cathedral, the Papal Palace, the Vatican Library, museums and other palace buildings, collection of medieval and Renaissance era since the famous artifacts. Vatican city residents all over the country believe in Catholicism, daily life has a strong religious color. Every Sunday, catholics gather in St. Peter's Square. At 12 p.m., as the church bells ring, the Pope appears from the central window of St. Peter's Basilica to address the congregation.

    I spent a whole week traveling in the Vatican, and I also posted my travel experiences and comments on my social media, which is one of my interests. I hope that more people can read my words and find interesting places, places that few people have been to. In the Vatican, where I was leaving, I met a girl who looked like a Daisy growing by the roadside in spring. She looked so striking and gave off the breath of spring. She seems to have had trouble checking into the hotel, she doesn't understand English or Latin, she's Spanish. I went up and translated for her in my new Latin, although I didn't speak it well either.

    I spent a whole week traveling in the Vatican, and I also posted my travel experiences and comments on my social media, which is one of my interests. I hope that more people can read my words and find interesting places, places that few people have been to. In the Vatican, where I was leaving, I met a girl who looked like a Daisy growing by the roadside in spring. She looked so striking and gave off the breath of spring. She seems to have had trouble checking into the hotel, she doesn't understand English or Latin, she's Spanish. I went up and translated for her in my new Latin, although I didn't speak it well either.

    After that, we went to Europe, Africa, China. Three years have passed, we love each other, but also as each other on the journey to rely on. I am getting married today, yes, she is my bride, we are getting married, I have found love on my journey, everything is so natural, so exciting.”

    Fate can not be met, but if fate comes to us, we do not cherish it, then we will not get it. Fate comes, it gave us a moment of electric feeling, fate to do the time, it let us a long time cannot let go. Therefore, the most important thing is to let go of what you have lost and cherish what you have now. There are many things in the world to seek, but fate is difficult to find. Boundless huge crowd, flashy world, how many people can really find their most perfect attribution, and how many people miss the best chance in passing. Or how many people were in the wrong place at the wrong time when they had the right choice. Sometimes the edge to leave only between a read. Fate, come slowly. There is not too much joy can make public, but there is a light warmth into the heart, so that the fleeting abundant appearance. Years, quietly walk. Not too much can be engraved on my heart, but there is a silent static beauty Ge Yancheng shallow lines, so that time light warm incense.

    Predestination, also known as fate, is an invisible connection between people, an inevitable chance and possibility of meeting, including all emotions. In love, two people love each other's fate is by a lot of coincidence, a lot of strange circumstances, a lot of sudden, some accidental, some inevitable composition. Fate is the embodiment of the spirit of equality, which requires people to put aside the status, grade, educational background, wealth and other secular concepts and create a beautiful spiritual realm together. Learn to cherish the fate, when you go to a place there will be fate, whether you in school classmates, or your colleagues at work. Once met, we should cherish the people in our life and learn to get along with fate, such as a chance encounter, an accident, and a party. It is possible for different fate to fall on your side, once you find it, don't be afraid to take the initiative to seize fate. Learn to make choices, some fate only a moment, some fate is very long. No matter what kind of fate comes, you should treat it rationally and not blindly pursue it. Make sure you have a clear conscience and do what you can.

    Grasp the fate, cherish each other, the meaning is very clear: people in this life, it is not easy to meet a friend and love each other, fate encountered, must cherish. When a person meets the person he loves, he cannot hide, no matter his movements or eyes, will reveal your love, let a person see how much this person loves you. When a person meets the person he loves, he cannot hide, no matter his movements or eyes, will reveal your love, let a person see how much this person loves you.

    May 30, 2022 — 泽群 聂
    Snow wall

    Snow wall


             Starting today, Rose Morning will be updating every flower wall story every week. Many fans will wonder why each of Rose Morning's flower walls has a nice name. Is that a random name for the flower wall? To answer these questions, Rose Morning will tell you the story of each flower wall. So, let's start today with Snow.

             So let's start with the flowers Snow uses. They are peony, rose and hydrangea.

             Peonythe flowers are gorgeous in color, fragrant with jade smile beads, romantic and unrestrained, magnificent, known as the "king of flowers" reputation. In the type of cultivation, mainly according to the color of flowers, can be divided into hundreds of varieties. Peony varieties, color is also many, yellow, green, flesh red, deep red, silver red for the top grade, especially yellow, green is expensive. Peonies also have an interesting story. On a snowy day in the middle of winter, When Wu Zetian was visiting the imperial garden in Chang 'an, she ordered all the flowers to bloom at the same time to help her enjoy her wine. The next purport said: "tomorrow morning swim on the garden, hurry to announce the spring, flowers must hair overnight, do not wait for the xiao wind blowing." Everyone knows that flowers not only bloom at different times, but also at different times. Violets in spring, roses in summer, chrysanthemums in autumn, plum blossom in winter; Rose, peony open in the morning, nocturne, epiphyllum open at night. So it is impossible to make all flowers bloom at the same time, subject to man's will. However, the flowers were frightened by the empress Wu's power and opened, but the peony was still dry branches and withered leaves, proudly standing. The Empress was furious and demoted the peony to Luoyang. As soon as the peony arrived in Luoyang, it was immediately in full bloom with its head held high. This more anger bad empress Wu, ordered to use fire dead peony, but, peony by fire a burn, but open is red if clouds, graceful, very spectacular. It shows the fearless and unyielding character of Peony. The peony flower language is perfect and affectionate, symbolizing the affection between family members. At the same time, it is also a symbol of good luck. In ancient times, its patterns would be displayed on clothes to show their wealth. There are two kinds of peony petals: single and double. There are many colors, such as white, pink, purple, red and so on. The leaves are usually compound and may have leaflets apically, broadly ovate in shape, glabrous on the surface and whitish abaxially.

             RoseIt is the most famous and popular of all flowers. Roses have been revered for centuries. Historical evidence suggests that they grew in China about 5,000 years ago, and they have played a role in history ever since. Whether ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, Freemasons or others, the rose has always been an eternal symbol of love, beauty and equality. While each color expresses love, beauty and balance a little differently, the main message is still love. Rose has many different meanings, depending on its color. However, any rose can generally be seen as a symbol: love, honor, faith, beauty, balance, passion, wisdom, dedication and eternity. The Old English rose comes from the Latin "Rosa", possibly from the Italian and Greek dialects "Rodon", and most likely from the Iranian root *vrda- ". The rose is special in Macedonian and Thracian regions as well as Persian and Latin and Greek, probably from the Phrygian language of Thrace. The rose is one of the most famous and popular of all flowers. Roses have been revered for centuries. Historical evidence suggests that they grew in China about 5,000 years ago, and they have played a role in history ever since. Whether Chinese, ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, Freemasons or others, the rose has always been an eternal symbol of love, beauty and equality. While each color expresses love, beauty and equality a little differently, the main message is still love. Rose has many different meanings, depending on its color. However, any rose can generally be seen as a symbol: love, honor, faith, beauty, equality, passion, wisdom, dedication, eternity. In mythology, the rose is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, who is often depicted decorated with roses on her head, feet or neck. It is also said that a rose rose grew from the pool of blood shed by Aphrodite's slain lover Adonis. In Christian mythology, rose bushes are said to have grown at the spot where Christ died.

             Hydrangea is plump, large and beautiful, and its colors can be red or blue, pleasing to the eye. It is a common potted ornamental plant. Hydrangea was cultivated earlier in China. It was planted in gardens south of the Yangtze River in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The parks built in the early 20th century are also inseparable from the planting of hydrangea. Modern parks and scenic areas are planted in pieces to form a landscape. In ancient Chinese myths and legends, the eight immortals once went to the Jade Pool to attend the banquet of the Queen Mother. On their way back, they passed through the East China Sea and disturbed the Dragon King of the East China Sea. The dragon king's nine sons were ordered to explore the surface of the sea. The seventh prince of the Dragon king saw that one of the eight immortals, He Xiangu, was beautiful, so he made waves on the sea and snatched her to the dragon palace. The other seven big fairy flew into a rage, their hands raised a magic weapon, into seven red scaly dragon, to the sea spewed flames, all of a sudden, the sea billow boiling up. The Dragon King of the East China Sea felt very hot in the dragon palace. He heard the deafening noise outside, and the dragon Palace shook even more severely. After asking for the reason, he scolded the seventh prince, tied him up personally, and invited He Xiangu to sit in the dragon sedan chair, carried by the other eight dragon sons, and rose to the sea to apologize to the fairies. When the seven immortals saw he Xiangu's safe return and the Dragon King personally escorted the seven princes to plead their SINS, their anger went out and they said they were willing to beat swords into ploughshares. The Dragon King offered flowers to the eight immortals as an apology. Eight imens brought flowers to China, the flowers, like a big hydrangea, and indeed is beautiful flowers and leaves, gorgeous, extraordinary, the garden has added beautiful scenery. Hydrangea's flower language is hope, health, endurance of love, pride, cold love, happiness, reunion.

             By combining the above three flowers, Rose Morning created a beautiful flower wall, Snow, using the same imitation flowers as the real ones. There is also a beautiful love story behind this painting.

             You draw pictures, I write poetry. The white rose comes into your painting. You, you got into my poem.

             At the foot of the snow-capped mountains, there is a village where the villagers live by hunting. That snowy mountain, it's very high. In this village, there was a girl who loved to draw. Her pen seemed to have magic power, and the lines she drew would move by themselves. But the girl's parents wanted to send her to the town to live with her aunt and arrange for her to live better as a maid than in the village. Perhaps she could marry a city boy and live a better life. There was also a boy in the village. He was an orphan who lived with his grandmother. He had a diary left by his father, which recorded everything his father had recorded when he was in the army, and this diary took the boy to travel in the outside world. The boy would often go to the girl and tell her the story in the diary, while the girl would draw down the imaginary picture with a paintbrush when she heard the emotion. So the girl had a very thick picture book, and that was her happy time with the boy. "Do you have a dream?" The girl asked the boy. "I want to be a poet. I want to travel around the world and put everything in my poems, good or bad, happy or sad. I want to make poems of them all, and maybe become rich," the boy said passionately. "What about you? What is your dream?" The boy asked, looking at the girl. "I don't know, I want to paint, to paint undefined, to paint forever. But my father said he would send me to my aunt's house. The city is not so cold, and the life will be better. It is crazy to hear that people in the city bathe with milk." Hearing here, the boy some lost to do the girl's side, "that we can meet later?" She was drawing a picture, a picture with flowers. The boy told her a lot about flowers, which were all flowers she had never seen before. She wanted to draw them all down.

             "I'm going to my aunt's house. She helped me find a job. I won't have a chance to paint any more. So take this book with you when you travel the world, just like you take me with you." With that, the girl turned away with tears in her eyes. That day, the boy held his picture book and watched the girl's carriage leave for a long time.

             The village under a heavy snow, the girl clutching a pen looked into the clear village, this is she bought for the boy, the city people all use this. Because the girl's working family was going abroad to spend Christmas with her family, the girl deserved the holiday and she was looking forward to meeting the boy. Many friends from the village came to her to hear her talk about the city, but the boy did not come. "If you're looking for him, you'd better go to his house," a friend told her. The girl went to the boy's house. The boy's grandmother saw her and took her into the house. "Where did he go? The grandmother looked at the girl and said in a trembling voice, "He left. The other day he wanted to pick some snowdrops to sell for money. I don't know where he heard that there were white roses in a flower shop in the city. Finally, we found him in a corner of the snowy mountain, as if nothing had happened to him, covered with thick snow, holding the album tightly in his hands, falling asleep forever. "Then, grandma handed the album to the girl, tears streaming out uncontrollably. The girl was shocked, how could she think of all this if it was a lie, even if it was a dream. Slowly, the girl opened the picture book. On the last page, there were several blank Spaces. Under it was written this sentence:  You draw pictures, I write poetry. The white rose comes into your painting. You, you got into my poem.  The boy wanted to show her. He just wanted her to see the white rose.

             That's the story behind Snow. It's not happy ending. But this is exactly what snow Mountain wants to convey: love is white, pure, full of hope and expectation. Love is the best gift given by god to human beings, because with love, people are willing to do any impossible challenge, is only a power, but also a catalyst. Although there are all kinds of imperfection in love, it is this kind of imperfection that makes both parties want to perfect it and protect it. Love is not comparable, because what you have right now is the best love. So, look at the Snow wall next to you, take a good look back at the person next to you, and tell him or her "I love you". You also have a snow-covered mountain, and every bit of your life is the brush in each other's hands. This epidemic is not complicated. Hold each other's hands and draw your white rose. Love should not be defined, because love has many meanings, it is the meal on the way home from work, it is the happy time in the mobile phone album, it is the quarrel with each other, it is the promise made at the wedding, it is confused, it is firm, it is compromise, it is protection. Roses, peonies, hydrangeas all come together to make the Snow Wall. So I hope all Rose Morning fans can have the best love, hand in hand for life. Love is to understand each other's mind can accompany to the end of life, each other's mind always maintain the original heart, stick to this feeling; Love is endless understanding and tolerance. Each other will not abandon him or her when the other encounters difficulties, but will use a very tolerant heart to understand, enligh10 and overcome difficulties together. "Husband and wife are the same birds in the forest, and the disaster is approaching, they fly separately". Love is mutual respect, love and gratitude, there is no male and female superior, male master outside and female master inside, work together to solve problems, housework both sides to complete, and from the fun of life. Love is actually a kind of hazy feeling, when falling in love with a person, will always think of him (her), whether you are reading, eating, even sleeping when the mind will emerge his (her) face, and feel very happy, very happy. Love is a tacit understanding between each other, sometimes a chance to look at each other, a slight movement, you can see each other's intention, this is to give each other a warm and sweet smile, fully embodies the love. Love is beyond national boundaries and regions, there is no comparison between rich and poor, nor is it disturbed by the secular world, without any additional conditions, will be fully engaged in it, may forget the existence of the universe, the existence of the world, and even their own existence. Love is an emotion, but it is not an emotion. Each emotion is only a part of life, not the whole life. Life seeks to break through its limitations and to move forward until it dissipates in the manifold emotions in order to find its own satisfaction in the manifold totality. But in love the totality is not the sum of these particular and separate feelings. In love life finds itself, as the double of itself, life finds itself oneness with itself. That which is most unique in each human being is united in the contact and communion of the lover, until the consciousness of the separate self-vanishes and all differences between lovers are suspended.

             That's it for today. I'm Zack from Rose Morning, and I'll see you next week.

    May 12, 2022 — 泽群 聂
    Know About Rose Morning

    Know About Rose Morning

           Founded in 2019, Rose Morning is a company dedicated to making imitation flower walls, but the management and designers have more than 20 years of industry experience, and closely meet the needs of customers to provide fully handmade flower walls.  

           In 2021, the company gradually formed the current core team, which initially consisted of five people, namely Lucy, Rover, Joyan, Cici and Zack.  As the leader of the team, Lucy has more than 20 years of experience in floral design and flower simulation industry, and is very familiar with the demand and fashion trend of European and American markets. She is also good at marketing.  Rover, the chief designer of Rose Morning, is unique in his floral technique and design, having designed many popular flower walls such as Jenny, Sunflower, Roger, and Yaya.  As one of the flower artists, Joyan's works are alive and spiritual, and her teaching ability is also very strong.  Zack and Cici handle logistics, customer service, and some logistics.  These were the original five members of Rose Morning.


           This team has been learning and making progress and summing up experience since its inception.  Adhering to the concept of customer first and design innovation, the team has grown from five members to 12, and the team is still growing.  Then we had Carlo in logistics, Young in customer service, Emma in finance, Aron in Marketing, and many others.  They are a united and loving collective, and they have a common characteristic, that is, they have a strong sense of responsibility for work, they pursue perfection; To customers, they do their best to meet their requirements.   

           In order to increase production, but also to ensure product quality. Rosemorning opened a new factory in Nanyang, Henan province, in October last year. In addition, the colleagues in Nanyang factory are experienced, and I believe that many customers have received the flower walls made by them. At the same time, Rosemorning is offering a range of rewards to customers and fans, such as two-for-one black Friday promotions, discounts for out-of-the-box videos, and better logistics. In view of the feedback from our customers and fans, Rosemorning will continue to launch more quality events to thank our customers for their continued support and assistance.

          So why do so many customers and fans continue to follow in Rosemorning's footsteps? As a beautiful, elegant decoration, flower wall has formed a trend in recent years. Relative to real flowers, flower walls can be used repeatedly, and it is easier to store a level of carry, for different activities, different styles and different colors of flower walls can better meet the needs of customers. And fake flowers can be just as delicate as the real thing with Rosemorning. Simulation flower, it is to point to use stretch silk, wrinkle paper, dacron, plastic, crystal and other materials made of fake flowers, as well as dry flowers baked with flowers, the industry is generally known as artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, as the name implies, are modeled on flowers with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other materials. Today, the craft of flower emulation is becoming more and more refined, and can be almost real. Besides the imitation that has all sorts of flowers is tasted, still appeared on the market simulation leaf, simulation branch, simulation weed, simulation tree, simulation plant to wait for variety. Artificial flowers can not only be maintained for a long time, but also have the characteristics of strong plasticity, which gives floral designers greater creative freedom. Bending, folding, string, cutting and other kinds of floral production together, for the emergence of lifelike floral works to provide a broad stage. The artificial flowers, together with their diversity and richness, bring us passion, surprise, shock and eternal beauty. Spring is abundant by your arrangement, summer cool and refreshing, autumn can represent a golden harvest, winter can be warm with eyes full of red; Roses can be used at any time to express love, and peonies can be picked anywhere to convey blessings. Lifelike appearance, the modelling of various appearance, longer viewing period and richer modelling technique are the strong reason that people love simulation flower. Simulation flower has become a kind of often supplies, no matter open business celebration, wedding feast, or office place, home environment, have simulation flower figure, more and more people love handmade products, simulation flower with its cheap and fine quality, maintain cost low, often open undefeated unique advantage more favored.

          Back in history, imitation flowers have been used in China for at least 1,300 years. According to legend, Yang Guifei, emperor Xuanzong's favorite concubine, had a scar on her left temple, and every day her maids picked flowers to wear on her temple. But in winter, the flowers are gone. A crafty palace maid made a false flower with rib and silk for Yang Guifei. Later, this "headdress flower" spread to the folk, gradually developed into a unique style of handicrafts "simulation flower". During the Qing Dynasty, silk flowers made by famous artists in Beijing won prizes at the Panama World's Fair. Now the variety has developed to more than 2000 kinds from dozens of original, there are drama flowers, flower strips, flower baskets, bonsai. Since the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Beijing developed into a silk flower production center, so silk flower is also known as "Beijing flowers", Beijing's famous flower market street is because of the processing of "Beijing flowers" distribution center and named.

          Modern people yearn for nature, pursue the art of life, the pursuit of comfort and comfort, artificial flowers in the material has been greatly improved, pure manual computer spectrum, printing mold. Artificial flowers have the same name as imitation flowers. The stems, leaves and flowers produced by polymeric resin are used after special bright surface treatment and fog surface treatment. On the use of flower material with paper flower, hand roll flower, silk flower, forging take flower, wheat bag flower is given priority to. Artificial flowers play a very important role in floral design and are widely used in commercial fields. Artificial flowers are mainly made of plastic products, silk products, polyester products, and resin clay. In addition, metal rods, glass tubes, blow molding paper, fiber, decorative paper and ribbons are also used. These materials are pollution-free or have little pollution. Because of the elasticity of the material, it can be matched with the model of special height and shape, and can keep evergreen, breaking through the limitation of genuine products. Image lifelike, lively, and completely comparable to the flowers and plants. Public places and offices are mostly air-conditioned, and indoor light is often insufficient. Therefore, it is not easy to plant a good plant in the room. However, artificial flowers can easily achieve this goal. The branches and leaves of artificial flowers are not moldy or rotten, do not need watering, and do not breed mosquitoes and flies. Artificial flowers and plants do not need artificial cultivation, can save watering, pruning, insects and other trouble; Artificial flowers do not have to carry out photosynthesis, and there is no side effect of children eating hurt people, which is very suitable for families with children and old people and both husband and wife to work. Some simulation flower still is under true flower true grass greatly, transport is convenient, carry is relaxed: when needing to change a design, new combination is tie-in, can change different atmosphere. Suitable for the public home beautification environment, and enduring.

          Artificial flower production techniques are very delicate, delicate and lifelike. For example, the thickness of rose petals, tonal and simple sense, almost as good as true flowers. The blooming Gerbera is also sprinkled with drops of dew. Some sword flower tips even crawling a worm or two. Also some woody begonia, use natural tree stump to make branch, do flower with silk, appear lifelike, lovely. Artificial flowers can be used to beautify the home, but also in large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, bus stations and other public decoration. Since ancient times, living beings have preferred living flowers and trees because they are all living beings in nature. A state of unity of things and me has emerged, praying for flowers and flowers in flowers. However, there is still a "true and false when false is true, and there is a place and there is no" correlation. While we love flowers, we also provide a wide space for the development of artificial flowers, which attract more and more people to appreciate. Nowadays, the high-rise buildings built in the modern city are bristling with steel and cement, and the space for people to enjoy nature is becoming narrower and narrower, and people feel depressed and depressed in their hearts. In this noisy and tedious city people began to seek the green decoration close to nature. The appearance of artificial flowers, no doubt for people to establish a link to the beautiful nature. Artificial flowers in the production of iron wire, collision extrusion is easy to deformation, so usually should be stepped up in the deformation of dressing, in order to achieve higher ornamental value. Dust processing should be fixed only one, two weeks with the cold wind blowing blower can, if foliar surface suffers heavier pollution, can use wool brush to touch on neuter detergent or artificial flower special clean liquid gently wipe can immediately look brand-new. When the flowers at first, most people will be shocked, because their living has reached the highest state of simulation flowers, they seem just picked from the fields, not only in the rain, wind and frost with the fragrance of the field, their color more make you dizzy, has the effect like painting, put in the home, as well as enjoy a three-dimensional painting.

          Rosemorning's floral wall has all of these advantages, but the Rosemorning design is even more popular with customers, which is known to its loyal fans as it is regularly updated with 4 samples per week and changes based on customer feedback.

           Rose Morning offers high quality handmade artificial foliage and flowers. Rose morning specialize in greenery foliage, a wide variety of flower stems, pre-made arrangements and home accessories. Their ultimate goal is to create the most realistic looking Permanent Botanicals. Their corporate headquarters is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. They offer clients from around the world with the highest quality of artificial florals and home decor products and the most innovative of designs available in the market today. Rose Morning serves customers from across the country to across the globe. We have branch offices and showrooms in Los Angeles, USA, Shanghai, China, Guangdong, China.

    May 09, 2022 — zhao jinlu
    New promotion! 818

    New promotion! 818

    Since black Friday last year, we've had a lot of fans asking us on social media when we're going to have a new sale. Now comes the new campaign!

    From May 3th,

    Buy any 1 +1 new ,Get 1 new 50% off!

    Delivered: On August 18th

    (Limited to 100 walls)

    RoseMorning Official

    After summarizing the experience of last year's Black Friday, our event this time will be more efficient, both products and services, we have greatly improved, but the difference is that this promotion is a limited walls, so we should take the opportunity! Good luck

    May 03, 2022 — 泽群 聂
    Surprises are coming

    Surprises are coming

    Recently we are planning something big and I am sure it will happen soon.
    It's definitely something that fans will be crazy about because there are a lot of questions that haven't been completely decided yet, but I'm sure it's going to happen soon.
    In addition, today is May Day, and everyone at Rose Morning wishes all workers happy Labor Day, healthy and safe.
    May 01, 2022 — 泽群 聂
    International worker‘’s day

    International worker‘’s day

    Labor Day is coming, and Rose Moring has started the holiday according to the laws and regulations.
    Although colleagues in Shanghai have been quarantined at home for a month, this is still a meaningful holiday, people will stay at home to have fun and relax.
    However, we abide by the principle of customer first. Our colleagues in the factory are still working, and our colleagues in Shanghai are fully cooperating with them.
    April 30, 2022 — 泽群 聂
    Rosemorning in the midst of COVID-19

    Rosemorning in the midst of COVID-19

    I believe our fans are aware of the current situation in Shanghai through news and social media. With Shanghai in lockdown due to COVID-19, Rose Morning's partners are working from home.
    But we didn't stop because of COVID-19, and we made a lot of solutions to keep up with the launch, logistics, and other issues.
    At the same time, we also sincerely thank our fans for their understanding and help. We will make some surprises for you.
    April 30, 2022 — 泽群 聂