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    RoseMorning's KOLs

    RoseMorning invited many senior influencers from weddings, parties, and other industries to test flower walls. they share their feelings about the RoseMorning flower walls on their YouTube and Instagram channels to provide customers with their purchasing guide.

    Balloon occasion

    Balloon occasions, an excellent event planner from the UK, has been cooperating with RoseMorning for one year, she likes to introduce her favorite RoseMorning flower walls to her Ins fans, and her suggestions for flower walls are very helpful.

    Living Luxuriously for Less

    Melanie, a senior event planner from AL, US. She has been cooperating with RoseMorning for nearly 2 years, she is experienced in decorating different event occasions. The understanding and aesthetic of the flower wall is quite professional.


    Daisy, the owner of TX.flowerwalls, likes sharing good wedding--related products on her channel, working with RoseMorning more than 1 year, Daisy always share her valuable suggestions for customers.

    Rosemorning on Instagram

    We post real feedback from customers by instagram and real live broadcast each day from our factory. To rach the real and fast processing from factory to customer,we do customers service on instagram and stay with you together always.

    Flowerwall Free Tutorial

    Rose Morning work with many youtubers to contibute a lot of awesome free turorials to teach how to arrange a flowerwall easily. This is a video from Canada influencer @akemeforaballoon

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