YaYa  Wall

YaYa Wall

Hi there, I’m going to tell you a story about the beautiful YaYa flower wall.

We bring you the YaYa flower wall from Rose Morning flower and all its splendor. Zack offers an 11% discount code. The wall comprises six flowers, including peony, Rose, dahlia, hydrangea, Eucalyptus, and camellia.


Peony is gorgeous in bloom. Although they have a short blooming season, which only lasts about a week, they’re breathtaking. It’s the most scrumptious flowers and lush green foliage. Enjoy the Peony flowers from spring to summer. Peonies have large, wonderfully fragrant flowers in colors, including everything from purple and pink to darker shades of red.


Rose flowers are old as time itself. It’s easy to consider Rose as the timeless gift of love to make special occasions memorable with their presence and lingering fragrance. Roses are regarded as one of the best gifting options for expressing love, admiration, joy, and other innate human emotion. It comes in different colors and various meanings. The Rose is the U.S National Flower with its fragrances are used in perfumes. Some of the most expensive roses are sold for millions of dollars.


Dahlias are known around the world to be native to Mexico. These sun-loving flowers won’t survive in Chicago’s winter. It needs a minimum of 6 hours per day to stay alive. The more sun gets to them, the better they bloom. Dahlias are considered to be perennials. These tender grow from underground tubers re-sprout from their underground tubers to bloom each year.


Hydrangea is a combination of dozens of species and varieties. They are native to Asia and the Americas. The flowering plant is hardy in harsh USDA zones as long as it is planted in well-draining soil with enough organic matter. By far, the greatest species of Hydrangea diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China, Korea, and Japan.


Eucalyptus is native to Australia as one of the fast-growing evergreen trees. Even as a flowering plant, its leaves and oil are consumed and applied to the skin for many conditions. It reduces the symptoms of colds, coughs, and congestion. Eucalyptus features in ointments and creams aimed at relieving muscle and joint pain.

Even though there is no good scientific evidence to support this claim, people use it for many conditions, including bronchitis, asthma, flu, and many others.



Camellia has numerous species. Some of the most common are landscape scrubs, including Camellia japonica, Camellia sasanqua, Camellia Vernalis, and Camellia hiemalis. The flower is known as the queen of winter flowers. They are evergreen, attractive, and highly prized for their splendid foliage and exquisite bloom. Camellia spreads its beauty even when the rest of the garden offers little.

Here’s a beautiful story about the YaYa flower Wall.

The beach has always been the favorite spot for my wife and I. Somewhere, we love to take a break, relax and calm ourselves. A few years ago, during one of our trips, we met a group of people who were interested in listening to our love story. We told them about how we met and how my weirdly sounding Latin brought us together.

Then we met Emma, who was also excited to tell us about her story and how she never believed in love at first sight. She told us about how movies and stories had painted love stories to seem fictional until she met James on the Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia beach. To her, love was something for the weak and idle folks – I never heard that before!

She told us how her experience with her tall, charming gentleman changed her thoughts and made her believe in love. She felt that sudden leap for the first time and needed to ensure it stayed. Her fear of never feeling the same way again drew her to approach him. Fortunately, he was receptive, and his personality showed enough impression.

According to Emma, that was just the beginning of her love story. She told us of the multiple times she’s tried to find several funny reasons to fight off the thoughts of him only to crave him more. She got used to getting sudden gifts and flowers from him with notes. Somehow she knew he had already become everything to her.

While she spoke, although I was listening to the details, I couldn’t help but think. There are times we fear the thought of having someone’s current state control our emotions. We want to keep hold of that freedom to be anything to anyone without facing the consequences. Like Emma, we seem to ignore the amazing people life sends our way. Maybe we feel we don’t deserve them, or what we really fear is rejection. Regardless, all we need to do is take that leap of faith that can change our lives forever.

Dear readers, it will please you to know that our great friends Emma and James are married today. I remember their wedding had the littlest decorations I’ve ever seen – Until a young man spotted a collection of beautiful flowers at a corner of the event premises. The flowers were set up on a wall like a beautiful backdrop behind the lights. I watched his curiosity and how he took pictures of the piece.

Soon it started to get crowded. Everyone couldn't ignore the Yaya flower wall. The old, young, married and singles were taking pictures. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. Then I heard, “it’s the Rose Morning YaYa flower wall.” I looked to the side and saw a man who told us about Zack’s 11% discount code and how you can purchase the Rose Moring YaYa flower wall for your weddings too.

That moment was enlightening. Let me share some of the benefits of the YaYa flower Wall.

  • The YaYa flower wall beautifies the environment – Regardless of the decoration, it adds color and fragrance and changes the sight of the environment.
  • The YaYa flower wall creates good memories - the beauty cannot be easily forgotten. Everyone would always reference the photo booth with the magnificent Yaya Flower Walls at the weddings they attend.
  • I watched the positive energy from people exchanging pleasantries. Connections were created as new people started to meet each other while taking photo shoots in front of the YaYa flower wall.

The YaYa flower wall is not just any regular photo booth. It can undoubtedly create friendships and bonds that could lead to another wedding. Get the YaYa flower wall with Zack's 11% discount code if you want the best backdrop for exceptional pictures. It adds essence to the occasion, including weddings, subsequent anniversaries, and other celebrations. With the Yaya flower Walls, you can tell how refreshing the event will be.