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Red Feather:5D Fabric Artificial rolling up curtain flower wall

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    Silk flowers and Fabric

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    one piece size: 8ft*2ft (8ft H, 2ft W)
    -8ft*8ft (8ft H, 8ft W): 4pcs of 2ft*8ft
    -8ft*10ft (8ft H, 10ft W): 5pcs of 2ft*8ft
    -8ft*12ft (8ft H, 12ft W):6pcs of 2ft*8ft

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    Red Feather:5D Fabric Artificial rolling up curtain flower wall Rose Morning
    Red Feather:5D Fabric Artificial rolling up curtain flower wall Rose Morning
    Red Feather:5D Fabric Artificial rolling up curtain flower wall Rose Morning


    What sets this Zipper Flower Wall apart is its practicality. The rolling-up mechanism allows for easy setup and storage, making it a convenient option for event planners and decorators. Whether it's unfurled to its full, breathtaking expanse at a wedding, or partially rolled down to add a floral touch to a living room, this flower wall is as versatile as it is visually stunning. The artificial nature of the flowers ensures longevity and ease of maintenance, ensuring that this backdrop remains a timeless piece for various occasions.

    The Zipper Flower Wall Fabric Backdrop is a mesmerizing blend of art and functionality. This unique creation features a rolling-up curtain design, laden with a multitude of artificial flowers, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of natural beauty.


    Content Value RSS
    Type 5D 2D~7D
    Layer 5 1~7
    Box 4 1/2/4/6
    Flowers 1950+ 500-5500
    Working Time 36h 24~85h
    Designer Design Director Assistant - Director
    Fabric Canvas Canvas
    Material Silk Plastic/Silk
    Zipper YKK YKK

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    COCO | Creative Director

    Coco, the Creative Director of RoseMorning, graduated from Capel Manor College, founded by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in London, United Kingdom, and served as a judge in the "World Flower Art Comparison" competition organized by the International Floral Art Association (IFAA).

    Anchored by designers' distinctive aesthetic perspectives and emotional sensitivities, we are committed to continuous innovation, striving to deliver unique floral experiences to the global fashion community.

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