Know About Rose Morning

Know About Rose Morning

       Founded in 2019, Rose Morning is a company dedicated to making imitation flower walls, but the management and designers have more than 20 years of industry experience, and closely meet the needs of customers to provide fully handmade flower walls.  

       In 2021, the company gradually formed the current core team, which initially consisted of five people, namely Lucy, Rover, Joyan, Cici and Zack.  As the leader of the team, Lucy has more than 20 years of experience in floral design and flower simulation industry, and is very familiar with the demand and fashion trend of European and American markets. She is also good at marketing.  Rover, the chief designer of Rose Morning, is unique in his floral technique and design, having designed many popular flower walls such as Jenny, Sunflower, Roger, and Yaya.  As one of the flower artists, Joyan's works are alive and spiritual, and her teaching ability is also very strong.  Zack and Cici handle logistics, customer service, and some logistics.  These were the original five members of Rose Morning.


       This team has been learning and making progress and summing up experience since its inception.  Adhering to the concept of customer first and design innovation, the team has grown from five members to 12, and the team is still growing.  Then we had Carlo in logistics, Young in customer service, Emma in finance, Aron in Marketing, and many others.  They are a united and loving collective, and they have a common characteristic, that is, they have a strong sense of responsibility for work, they pursue perfection; To customers, they do their best to meet their requirements.   

       In order to increase production, but also to ensure product quality. Rosemorning opened a new factory in Nanyang, Henan province, in October last year. In addition, the colleagues in Nanyang factory are experienced, and I believe that many customers have received the flower walls made by them. At the same time, Rosemorning is offering a range of rewards to customers and fans, such as two-for-one black Friday promotions, discounts for out-of-the-box videos, and better logistics. In view of the feedback from our customers and fans, Rosemorning will continue to launch more quality events to thank our customers for their continued support and assistance.

      So why do so many customers and fans continue to follow in Rosemorning's footsteps? As a beautiful, elegant decoration, flower wall has formed a trend in recent years. Relative to real flowers, flower walls can be used repeatedly, and it is easier to store a level of carry, for different activities, different styles and different colors of flower walls can better meet the needs of customers. And fake flowers can be just as delicate as the real thing with Rosemorning. Simulation flower, it is to point to use stretch silk, wrinkle paper, dacron, plastic, crystal and other materials made of fake flowers, as well as dry flowers baked with flowers, the industry is generally known as artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, as the name implies, are modeled on flowers with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other materials. Today, the craft of flower emulation is becoming more and more refined, and can be almost real. Besides the imitation that has all sorts of flowers is tasted, still appeared on the market simulation leaf, simulation branch, simulation weed, simulation tree, simulation plant to wait for variety. Artificial flowers can not only be maintained for a long time, but also have the characteristics of strong plasticity, which gives floral designers greater creative freedom. Bending, folding, string, cutting and other kinds of floral production together, for the emergence of lifelike floral works to provide a broad stage. The artificial flowers, together with their diversity and richness, bring us passion, surprise, shock and eternal beauty. Spring is abundant by your arrangement, summer cool and refreshing, autumn can represent a golden harvest, winter can be warm with eyes full of red; Roses can be used at any time to express love, and peonies can be picked anywhere to convey blessings. Lifelike appearance, the modelling of various appearance, longer viewing period and richer modelling technique are the strong reason that people love simulation flower. Simulation flower has become a kind of often supplies, no matter open business celebration, wedding feast, or office place, home environment, have simulation flower figure, more and more people love handmade products, simulation flower with its cheap and fine quality, maintain cost low, often open undefeated unique advantage more favored.

      Back in history, imitation flowers have been used in China for at least 1,300 years. According to legend, Yang Guifei, emperor Xuanzong's favorite concubine, had a scar on her left temple, and every day her maids picked flowers to wear on her temple. But in winter, the flowers are gone. A crafty palace maid made a false flower with rib and silk for Yang Guifei. Later, this "headdress flower" spread to the folk, gradually developed into a unique style of handicrafts "simulation flower". During the Qing Dynasty, silk flowers made by famous artists in Beijing won prizes at the Panama World's Fair. Now the variety has developed to more than 2000 kinds from dozens of original, there are drama flowers, flower strips, flower baskets, bonsai. Since the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Beijing developed into a silk flower production center, so silk flower is also known as "Beijing flowers", Beijing's famous flower market street is because of the processing of "Beijing flowers" distribution center and named.

      Modern people yearn for nature, pursue the art of life, the pursuit of comfort and comfort, artificial flowers in the material has been greatly improved, pure manual computer spectrum, printing mold. Artificial flowers have the same name as imitation flowers. The stems, leaves and flowers produced by polymeric resin are used after special bright surface treatment and fog surface treatment. On the use of flower material with paper flower, hand roll flower, silk flower, forging take flower, wheat bag flower is given priority to. Artificial flowers play a very important role in floral design and are widely used in commercial fields. Artificial flowers are mainly made of plastic products, silk products, polyester products, and resin clay. In addition, metal rods, glass tubes, blow molding paper, fiber, decorative paper and ribbons are also used. These materials are pollution-free or have little pollution. Because of the elasticity of the material, it can be matched with the model of special height and shape, and can keep evergreen, breaking through the limitation of genuine products. Image lifelike, lively, and completely comparable to the flowers and plants. Public places and offices are mostly air-conditioned, and indoor light is often insufficient. Therefore, it is not easy to plant a good plant in the room. However, artificial flowers can easily achieve this goal. The branches and leaves of artificial flowers are not moldy or rotten, do not need watering, and do not breed mosquitoes and flies. Artificial flowers and plants do not need artificial cultivation, can save watering, pruning, insects and other trouble; Artificial flowers do not have to carry out photosynthesis, and there is no side effect of children eating hurt people, which is very suitable for families with children and old people and both husband and wife to work. Some simulation flower still is under true flower true grass greatly, transport is convenient, carry is relaxed: when needing to change a design, new combination is tie-in, can change different atmosphere. Suitable for the public home beautification environment, and enduring.

      Artificial flower production techniques are very delicate, delicate and lifelike. For example, the thickness of rose petals, tonal and simple sense, almost as good as true flowers. The blooming Gerbera is also sprinkled with drops of dew. Some sword flower tips even crawling a worm or two. Also some woody begonia, use natural tree stump to make branch, do flower with silk, appear lifelike, lovely. Artificial flowers can be used to beautify the home, but also in large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, bus stations and other public decoration. Since ancient times, living beings have preferred living flowers and trees because they are all living beings in nature. A state of unity of things and me has emerged, praying for flowers and flowers in flowers. However, there is still a "true and false when false is true, and there is a place and there is no" correlation. While we love flowers, we also provide a wide space for the development of artificial flowers, which attract more and more people to appreciate. Nowadays, the high-rise buildings built in the modern city are bristling with steel and cement, and the space for people to enjoy nature is becoming narrower and narrower, and people feel depressed and depressed in their hearts. In this noisy and tedious city people began to seek the green decoration close to nature. The appearance of artificial flowers, no doubt for people to establish a link to the beautiful nature. Artificial flowers in the production of iron wire, collision extrusion is easy to deformation, so usually should be stepped up in the deformation of dressing, in order to achieve higher ornamental value. Dust processing should be fixed only one, two weeks with the cold wind blowing blower can, if foliar surface suffers heavier pollution, can use wool brush to touch on neuter detergent or artificial flower special clean liquid gently wipe can immediately look brand-new. When the flowers at first, most people will be shocked, because their living has reached the highest state of simulation flowers, they seem just picked from the fields, not only in the rain, wind and frost with the fragrance of the field, their color more make you dizzy, has the effect like painting, put in the home, as well as enjoy a three-dimensional painting.

      Rosemorning's floral wall has all of these advantages, but the Rosemorning design is even more popular with customers, which is known to its loyal fans as it is regularly updated with 4 samples per week and changes based on customer feedback.

       Rose Morning offers high quality handmade artificial foliage and flowers. Rose morning specialize in greenery foliage, a wide variety of flower stems, pre-made arrangements and home accessories. Their ultimate goal is to create the most realistic looking Permanent Botanicals. Their corporate headquarters is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. They offer clients from around the world with the highest quality of artificial florals and home decor products and the most innovative of designs available in the market today. Rose Morning serves customers from across the country to across the globe. We have branch offices and showrooms in Los Angeles, USA, Shanghai, China, Guangdong, China.