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1.How should I save the flower wall?
We are made of high-quality silk fabric, designed like real flowers, not susceptible to natural elements, durable and reusable, easy to store and clean, retains color and shape for a long time. The flowers are full and elegant, adding a highlight to your decor

2. What regions do we cover?
The United States does not include shipping areas: Guam GU, Puerto Rico PR, Hawaii HI, Alaska AK, Virgin Islands VI

3.Can we provide customized products?

4. How long will the flowers last?
If kept properly, our flowers can last for a lifetime! Please be sure to keep them in a ventilated space, away from long-term direct heat or humidity.

5.What is our refund policy?
Please click on the link to view the refund policy

6.How can I check the status of my order?
Please click the link to check the order status

7. What payment methods does the website accept?
You can pay by PayPal/debit/credit card

8.Why was my payment declined?
Please click on the link to view the solution

9.Are these real flowers?
Kindly note that we are not offering real, but artificial foam flowers made of PE (polyethylene) and silk flowers made of polyester.

You get the same look as real flowers, but they are more budget-friendly and they can last for a lifetime, so you can re-use them.
Just make sure to keep them in a ventilated space, away from long-term direct exposure to sunlight, heat or humidity.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

10. Delivery Time
Ordinary express (sea transportation): 45-60 days after delivery

Expedited express (air delivery): 15 days after delivery

Fast shipping (International Express):7-10 days after delivery