Rose Morning is not just a business, it represents Lucy's values of warmthncerity,andtogetherness. She hopes that her brand can bring joy to everystomer and inspire them to cherishevery moment with their loved ones. Rose Morning is committed to providing customers with a one-stop wedding path and constantly becoming more perfect.


Rose Morning is a company specializing in the artificial flower industry. We provide one-stop, full range of simulation flower props services for all kinds of weddings, celebrations, events and planning. Our product range includes flower wall, flower arch, flower ball, table flower and so on.As a company dedicated to meeting the needs of customers and the market, Rose Morning has an independent team of designers, led by founder Lucy, and collaborates with professional designers from all over the world. We continue to introduce new, smart and elegant artificial flower products to provide customers with a unique and refined experience.We understand that every occasion has its own unique needs and atmosphere, so we are committed to tailor-made artificial flower props for our customers to create memorable visual effects and beauty. We combine high-quality materials with exquisite craftsmanship to create lifelike simulation florist works.Whether you are planning a romantic wedding, hosting a grand celebration, or organizing a special event, Rose Morning is willing to be your partner. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent product quality and excellent service to ensure that your event is full of charm and splendor.

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One-stop wedding props brand supplier.


With 20 years of experience, we are constantly innovating and introducing new colour schemes and floral varieties to improve our designs. We are proud of the design works have been awarded a number of patents and win a high degree of customer satisfaction.Our artificial flower products not only show a bright and dazzling effect at the wedding, but also suitable for a variety of other occasions, not limited to first marriage. We understand the uniqueness of each event, so our design team will provide you with personalized simulation flower solutions according to the needs of different occasions.Our products cover a wide range of flower varieties, from classic roses and tulips, to unique orchids and sunflowers, and even rare and rare flowers, we can offer them all. Our designers are adept at using these diverse flowers to create attractive, colorful and personalised floral creations.

Whether you are planning a wedding, celebration, business event or other special occasion, we are willing to tailor a unique simulation flower solution for you to add a unique charm and artistic sense to your event.


Our flower walls are made of high-quality artificial flower materials that have been carefully selected and processed to have a similar look and feel to real flowers. Our design team brings together a variety of flowers, greenery and details with a creative and artistic eye to create stunning floral wall designs.Whether for weddings, celebrations, events or other special occasions, artificial flower walls can add a unique and gorgeous atmosphere to your venue. It can be used as an unforgettable backdrop, providing stunning visuals for photo areas, stage backdrops or reception areas.Our flower wall designs can be customized according to your theme, color scheme and personal preference. Our designers will work with you to ensure that the flower wall fits the style of your event and creates a design that matches the emotion and atmosphere you want to convey.


Our company's vision is to be the leader and preferred brand in the artificial flower industry. We are committed to providing our customers with superior artificial flower products and services through excellence in innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.We pursue the goal of constantly surpassing, and are committed to becoming the pioneer of leading the development of the industry. Our vision is to create memorable experiences and stunning visuals for our clients by creating unique, delicate and realistic simulation florist pieces.We strive to drive innovation and development in the industry, constantly introducing new design concepts, materials and processes to ensure that our products are at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality and beauty.We pursue close cooperation and win-win relationship with customers, always pay attention to customer needs, and constantly improve and expand our range of products and services to meet the changing market needs.Above all, our vision is based on sustainable development, with a focus on environmental protection and social responsibility. We will actively take measures to ensure that our business contributes positively to environmental friendliness and social sustainability.



Buy artificial flower products at Rose Morning! All kinds of flowers, all kinds of colors, all kinds of styles. One-stop wedding props supplier.


The 2D flower wall is mainly green, simple and versatile, and can be combined with many accessories to create unexpected effects, such as balloons, lamp belts, logo cards and so on.

The 3D flower wall has 3-5 layers of flowers, and the number of flowers is about 1200-1500. A variety of colors, suitable for weddings and other scenes, simple but not simple.

The 5D flower wall has about 7 layers of flowers and uses about 2000 flowers. Gorgeous elegance, high demure, senior designer joint creation, the use of the top flower materials. Used in various scenarios.

The 7D flower wall on the basis of 5D, revolutionary technology research and development improvements and the use of more accessories and expensive simulation flowers, in weddings and large-scale celebrations, shine.


Rose Morning's flower wall is suitable for all kinds of occasions, weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, birthday parties, all kinds of events. From warm to dignified and elegant, from fresh and refined to passionate, Rose Morning flower wall can meet the needs of various scenes, guaranteed to make your eyes shine. And with the exclusive zipper design and roll-up design, it is easier to set up and store.


Our artificial flower arch design is unique, creative and artistic. Our design team combines different types of flowers, greenery and detail elements to create elaborate flower arches to create an attractive passage or backdrop. The simulated flower arch not only adds romance and elegance to the venue, but also provides a beautiful backdrop for the couple or participants to make good memories in. It can be the focal point of a ceremony, adding a unique and eye-catching visual effect to a wedding ceremony, banquet or other important occasion. Our artificial flower balls are appreciated for their exquisite design and high quality materials. Each flower ball has been carefully assembled using realistic artificial flowers and green leaves to present a beautiful and lasting floral work. We offer a variety of flower sizes and combinations to suit the needs of different occasions. Artificial flower balls can be hung from the ceiling as an ornament or placed as a tabletop ornament on a banquet or wedding table. They add vivid, colorful visual elements to the scene and bring a warm and romantic atmosphere to a banquet or celebration.

By providing you with a competitive product mix at a comfortable price point you are able to save on extra services and consultations.